Friday, January 13, 2006

10 Days and Counting...

Day by day over the next week, the shape of things to come is going to be clearer and clearer; in the meantime, I still plan on getting out and doing some canvassing tomorrow.

At this point, anyone who isn't a Conservative supporter can only hope that the situation doesn't degenerate further and lead to a majority government for the fake PCs.

One thing that voters could thank the Liberals for in the end (but they probably won't realize) is that they will have inadvertently planted the stakes that prevent any 'right wing' agenda from surfacing. Yeah, before I go on, I'll admit that this is a 'false-negative', and that if it doesn't happen, it is remotely possible that it never was going to.

Having said that, consider what we know about the Conservative support base and the FACT that much of it is not just Christian, but right wing-nut Christian with a yearning to save all of us whether we like it or not. They want to save us from our society being smited by god for allowing gays the same rights as everyone else. They want to save us from the corruption that they regard a woman's 'right to choose' as.

Maybe they weren't going to try and pull strings with their friends in high places (Ottawa, that is); but it's just as likely they were. I'm pretty sure that Harper's tactic of announcing the free vote on gay marriage in the first week of the campaign was the quiet nod to their supporters in the Christian right to begin mobilizing, and to let them know just where they stood. Having got that issue out of the way early, the Conservatives could avoid it as much as possible, and even claim that they wouldn't use the notwithstanding clause to push through a parliamentary vote against gay marriage, over-ruling the Charter of Rights.

One thing is certain, that if there was a chance that was going to happen, it has been greatly diminished. Any such move by a Conservative government would be a red flag that a future iteration of the Liberal party could wave in the face of voters.

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