Friday, January 20, 2006

2.5 Days...

I'm expecting the time between now and the election to be a bit of a blur. I'll be fitting canvassing into whatever free time I have in my schedule over the weekend, and Monday will be spent working for the campaign in Burlington.

Hey, Stephen Harper got to enjoy a home-run derby on CBC last night. I noticed that Peter Mansbridge (or 'Manbridge' as everyone was calling him) didn't give him the same hard time over calling the Martin government "corrupt" as he did to Jack Layton.

The SES polls are encouraging, in the same way the SC ones aren't; I'll be looking forward to seeing which are closer to the truth.

A buddy of mine, who has gone over to the dark side, fancies himself as satirist. The writing's not bad; I've gathered he doesn't care much for PM.

Oh well, here's to hoping the Conservatives are held to as slim a minority as possible. My next post(mortem) will probably be Tuesday.

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