Tuesday, January 17, 2006

5 Days...

Stephen Harper finally got around to booking time on the CBC's 'Your Turn' segment (this Thursday night). It fits with the conversion that the CBC have undergone since the New Year, when they reluctantly stopped being partisans for the Liberal side.

What, you say? Hey, I might be wrong, but I was pretty sure I could detect the Liberal bias before, and if I could, you just know anybody who might be extra sensitive to perceived bias would, like supporters for other parties.

Sure enough, when you do a search on Google you find sites like the CBC Watch which rage against the CBC, along with the Campaign Confidential segment which I have been enjoying.

Incidentally, a posting on a weblog at CBC Watch claims to have insider information, and that Joe Clark is indeed the 'insider' providing the piece. That doesn't make the conservative types who are incendiary over the ideological bias in the nations cheif public broadcaster any less displeased.

And they have a point

It goes without saying that the CBC should have been much more careful to avoid any bias towards any one party; by not doing so, they have compromised their journalistic integrity and position as the voice of the nation.

I can imagine that had I been tuning in to watch the news on CBC and found they consistantly promoted another party to the detriment of the Liberals, I would have had a hard time watching.

We're used to a certain amount of bias in the privately owned media; I refuse to listen to 1010 CFRB AM radio in Toronto, or read the Toronto Sun (or Sun-group) paper(s) because I find the partisan nature of these outlets personally distasteful. But when a publicly funded national broadcaster exhibits that kind of favoritism, it's hard to watch, or it should be for anyone no matter what their affiliation.

So now we wait for what is appearing to be an inevitable Conservative government to one extent or another, and I have to worry about my favorite television and radio outlets suffering funding cuts from a potentially vindictive government; and what could anyone say? How can you justify spending tax dollars on a media outlet that only a portion of the population trusts or enjoys?

Tonight I'll tune in at 10pm EST to see how Jack Layton does in the political version of a home-run-derby that is the 'Your Turn' segment. I'm guessing there will be more pleading for Liberals to castrate themselves; if so, I'll be going to bed early.

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