Sunday, January 15, 2006

7 Days ...

What to expect this week? I'm guessing that PM will again schedule the Atlantic-to-Pacific whistle-stop marathon that he carried out last year. It will be interesting to see if Harper tries a similiar approach, especially after his last election experience where he spent the last three days in Alberta to no great gain. Never underestimate the benefit of getting out and shaking a few extra hands.

Other than that, I'm guessing the policy statements are over, barring any unforseen ad-libs (no pun intended). The last thing I want to say on the Notwithstanding clause issue from last week is how surprising it is to find so many people coming to the defence of the clause. It's interesting to note that one of it's uses was by the Quebec government as they crushed the rights of english speaking Canadians within the province.

My own plans for this week are to get out at least once or twice doing whatever I can locally; on the weekend I canvassed a bit more, fixed a couple signs and gave an elderly person a lift to and from an advance poll. I should be able to get out for both days of the weekend 'final push.'

I haven't heard any other guesses as to who the mystery insider is contributing to the CBC's Campaign Confidential. I'm still sticking with Joe Clark at this point, having previously guessed Sheila Copps and Carolyn Parrish.

Here's hoping something happens to shake things up this week (in favour of the Libs, of course).

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