Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Face off

Caught two debates tonight.

The first was more of an "all candidates meeting" for Burlington with opportunity for questions from the audience. Paddy had a good showing, but met with a surprisingly raucous response from the audience when discussing the Federal Gun Registry, which she beat back with some impassioned defence by way of statistics on the usefullness of the Registry.

I have to admit that before tonight, all I have heard about the gun registry is about the enormous cost over-run, but very little detail on what it is being used for, so my interest was piqued to look up more info:

Individual Licence Refusal and Revocation
15,965 firearms licences have been refused or revoked by Chief Firearms Officers for public safety reasons between December 1, 1998 and September 30, 2005.

6,119 applications have been refused
9,846 firearms licences have been revoked.
Note: Reasons why firearms licence applications have been refused or licences revoked include: a history of violence, mental illness, the applicant is a potential risk to himself, herself or others, unsafe firearm use and storage, drug offences and providing false information.

Canadian Firearms Registry On-line
Law enforcement officers have queried the Canadian Firearms Registry On-line over 4.6 million times since it was launched on December 1, 1998. An average of more than 5,000 queries have been made daily, over the last quarter.
Note: The Canadian Firearms Registry Online service provides police officers access to firearms licence and registration information in the Canadian Firearms Information System through the Canadian Police Information Centre. This information helps the police to intervene and respond to calls effectively in order to prevent injury and crime, assists in the investigation of firearm-related crimes and helps the police to identify and return stolen and lost firearms to their rightful owners.

More than 5,450 affidavits have been provided by the Canadian Firearms Registry to support the prosecution of firearms-related crime and court proceedings. the Canadian Firearms Registry prepared 1,660 affidavits between January 1, 2005 and September 30, 2005 2,260 affidavits were produced in 2004; building on 1,150 in 2003; and 380 in 2002

Ok, so now I KNOW it is useful (albeit expensive)... another example of stuff the Liberals have to make sure the public are more aware of; I think people should know it is serving a purpose.

The other debate was the french language party leaders debate, which I caught the english translation of. Kinda tough for me to gague how well anyone did... beyond the fact that Duceppe probably fared best (like there was ANY danger or him doing otherwise), and that Martin didn't. No real surprises. It's was pretty feisty though.

I'll be interested to see what the media thinks tomorrow.

Oh, we also know why Stephen Harper never used to smile... I liked him better when all he did was scowl.

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