Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Notes from the Campaign

Arriving at the campaign office tonight to do some canvasing, I was greeted by John Manley; that was a pleasant surprise, and helps make up for not being able to go to the rally tomorrow that Paul Martin will be attending.

Mr. Manley was in Burlington to do some rush-hour campaigning, and then was attending a fundraiser with Paddy Torsney.

This was my first time "working the phones," as I've only done door-to-door until this point. People were mostly receptive, so that was good. I was worried that they might be put-off by being called at home, but surprisingly, many people seemed glad that someone from the Liberal party called.

I've heard surprisingly little from anyone about the french language debates; on the other hand, I am hearing quite a bit about the new Liberal attack-ads, and curiously enough, not the Conservative ones. I guess everyone just expects the Conservatives to be on the attack constantly.

This time around it looks like its the Liberals turn to take it on the chin for releasing an ad that never should have see the light of cathode ray tubes, LCD pixels, or any other means of display/projection.

Can anyone tell me what Jack Layton meant by "Selling moonshine on taxes." Seriously, I cannot get my head around what that means.

So, it appears Stephen Harper is punishing the CBC for their perceived bias by holding out on them as far as participating in their "Your Turn" segment; meanwhile, CTV shows the clip of Daniel Cook interveiwing him almost constantly. I'm predicting cuts to the CBC funding in the event of a Conservative majority.

Speaking of the CBC, I'm enjoying trying to figure out who the heck the Campaign Confidential insider is. As I write this, I'm pretty sure it's Joe Clark. I had previously thought it was Sheila Copps, but now I'm pretty certain that it's somone from the West. Anyone out there have any guesses? Want to place bets?

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