Friday, January 27, 2006

Out of the Gate...

An interesting prologue to Harper's Conservative government; A press conference rebuking the U.S. Ambassador for saying that his government (along with most nations, apparently) dispute our claim to artic waters. Am I the only one who finds this exchange convenient? At any rate, the Ambassador is already backing away from the issue, conveniently.

Whatever the case, I'm also begining to question the necessity for a deepwater port in Iqaluit. $5 Billion is a lot to guard our sovereignity over the North, and who are we guarding against? The U.S. or Russia? I hope not, because $5 billion is not going to cut it. Then maybe the Danes? Seriously? If a situation ever arises where we need 'boots on the ground' or ships in the water in the North to defend our sovereignity, then somebody has already screwed up, and we're in trouble. I can think of a dozen other priorities for $5 Billion in spending that should come before military bases in the North.

We'll see a free vote on same sex marriage sooner than later; apparently that election victory, however slim, went straight to Harper's head. Why else would he want to bring up such a divisive issue so early in his *ahem* mandate?

The confrontation will be that much more interesting if Mr. Brison is chosen to be the interim leader for the Liberal party. At the very least it will be a great opportunity to gauge Canada's commitment to civil rights.

Reading some of the pro-Conservative blogs has convinced me that our "Neo-Tory" movement in Canada (which has nothing to do with Neo-Cons... or so I hope) is already hopelessly deluded. The general sentiment is that everyone in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver who voted Liberal is just a bunch of latte swilling yuppie swine who are out of step with the rest of Canada. Did any of the new-Right's pundits notice that those three major urban centres are spread accross this country, and represent a great cross section of Canadians from different regions? Try telling a Vancouverite or Montrealer that they are a Liberal clone of a Torontonian, and you'd better be running the other was as you do so.

The idea is, they should be asking themselves, why didn't they win over more of these voters? Chalking that up to "effective Liberal fearmongering" before the election just doesn't cut it; and even if it did, then aren't those 'fears' legitimate? If Harper's regime is bent on somehow testing whether or not our goverment should allow a portion of our population their full measure of civil rights, don't we all have a justification to question their values?

They should be reminding themselves that over all, more Canadians voted for other parties besides the Conservatives; somehow, I think this realization is going to come to them the hard way.

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