Monday, January 30, 2006

Two Down...

That's Manley and McKenna both out of the Liberal leadership race; both were front runners with multi-region appeal.

Is somebody going to start a pool on this or what?

I'd be inclined to put my money on Ignatieff, but again, I don't know enough about the other contenders. The Bob Rae line is appealing to me personally, but that one definitely seems like a long shot (if it comes through though, I will cow-tow to Kingpengvin).

I haven't heard any mention of Carolyn Bennett being considered... dare the Liberals look to a female leader to guide them out of these difficult times? Could be an astute move; Hey, she wasn't mentioned slandered on the Liberal deck of cards, so that has to be a good sign.

Of note: Paddy Torsney of all people gets put on the deck for voting againsy Bill-312, but they don't mention that Conservative member Richard Harris of Cariboo-Prince George did too.

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