Saturday, January 07, 2006


Could it get any worse? Are there any other scandals out there to emerge? It's a tough time to be a Liberal supporter; mind you, it would take a lot more to make me even remotely consider supporting a party with a leader who won't unequivically support the equal rights of all Canadians.

What makes it more bitter and dissapointing is that it only makes things easier for those who would paint the entire Liberal party as 'a bunch of crooks' or 'scumbags.' Losing ground to the opposition hurts, but listening to that level of ignorance... that playground vitriol... it's just salt in the wounds.

The most frustrating thing about about these scandals that have pushed the Conservatives ahead in the polls is the betrayal to Canadians and to the Liberal party; they have tainted an otherwise credible government whose good work is now all but forgotten.

I still support my local MP, and will continue to campaign; the war isn't looking to good, but there are battles to be fought still and partisans will fight on another day.

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