Monday, February 06, 2006

Egads, It's true... and a Senator too?

This came to me from Kingpengvin:

Liberal MP David Emerson has "crossed the floor" for a cabinet position; he showed up at Rideau Hall with the group of cabinet ministers to be sworn in.

'Pengvin doesn't like this kind of political maneuver, but I think crossing the floor is a part of the playbook; it's just the choice of party that I think is poor in this case.

Recent election results (Stronach, Brison) seem to indicate that constituents will usually support a "post-cross" member. It will be interesting to check and see what the overall stats are like on Parliment hill for this type of thing.

It is surprising though that Harper would open himself up to criticism of his integrity by making a move like this, especially when there are so many other Conservatives who won't get to be part of his tiny cabinet.

I wonder if this move is generating any internal friction in the newly minted Conservative government?

What the... the rumor that there was a senate appointment may be true; at first I thought it was this one:(Marjory LeBreton was named government leader in the Senate), where the appointment was done by Mulrony.

But there may be more to this... according to the CBC, "Michael Fortier, an unelected party operative,... is expected to go into cabinet through the Senate and later seek a Commons seat in a by-election.

Appointing anyone to the Senate would be an odd move for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who campaigned on a promise of an elected Senate. He has called Canada's system of appointed senators a 19th-century relic."

Two lapses of integrity in one day?

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