Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good Question

In response to my brief post over the latest conservative break from their platform TMcG points me towards this link and asks, "should we all be fighting for this kind of reform? Or would that be stupid?"

What do I think about Proportional Representation?

I'm all for it, or at least looking into applying some form of it in Canada; in a system that calls itself a democracy, too many people feel their votes, their only significant influence, are just wasted. Liberals in Alberta, Conservatives in Toronto, and everybody who doesn't support the BQ in Quebec are all woefully under represented (not to mention supporters of other smaller parties such as the NDP, Green Party, etc).

The common response is that under a proportional rep voting system, we would have to face more coalition governments, and possibly more elections. Maybe there is a solution that mitigates these, or maybe they are part and parcel, and just something we have to accept along with the benefits of having each and every vote count.

Should we be fighting for this kind of reform? I think so, but I also understand that this would represent a huge change to our electoral system, and we all know how well change goes over.

My personal opinion is that anyone fighting for this kind of change is fighting an uphill battle, at least until an overwhelming majority of Canadians feel that the current system isn't serving their interests, and there's the rub: As long as one party has attained a majority, or even a strong minority, then a significant number of Canadians will be happy with leaving things just the way they are.

Note: My off-politics post "Voodoo Doping" had some problems (note to bloggers: use ampersands carefully), so I took it off this site. I didn't put it back up after correcting it so as not to re-insert it on the Liblogs board unnecessarily.

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