Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ok, where were we?

Oh, yeah... the Liberal Party is in leadership limbo (not for lack of talent), and in a little debt.

I'm still waiting to hear more on the Bob Rae bid.

One of the things I notice on the party's main website is a lack of merchandising.

Stop laughing.

Seriously, it's a pretty common aspect for just about any organization nowadays to have some sort of merch available for the faithfull to deck themselves out in. If there is a site available, I haven't found it.

For example, the NDP have this, and the CPC have this.

Who wouldn't have bought a Liberal toque or sweater? (y'know, besides non-Liberals)

So maybe your asking, "Doesn't that kind of marketing strategy require an outlay of cash?"

If that's a problem, then they could consider this option which could make for a cheap easy way to start getting the party out of debt, and add to future coffers.

I'll take one Pearson mug, a Trudeau toque, and a party sweater, thanks.

PS... Another Andrew Coyne post I enjoy. I think now he's trying to chase away the gaggle of neo-tories that thrive in his comments section.

PPS... Ok, now Kingpengvin is REALLY pissed! Normally he reserves this kind of rage for McGuinty... scary! Seriously, 'pengvin is a good example of the politically savvy voter who supported the Conservatives because he was so angry with the Liberals; the Conservatives are chasing away their "swing" voters, at least in the short term.

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