Thursday, February 09, 2006

Things are looking up

Between the period before Christmas, when what we feared and loathed most was the possibility of a Conservative government, and February 6th when one was sworn in, things were looking kind of bleak.

What a difference a week (or even three days) makes.

The worst case scenario that had the lean-mean Conservative campaign roll into an equally efficient administration that would skirt any issues until they managed to engineer their own defeat, evidently will not be occurring. The Honeymoon was a non-starter for the Tories, with three inept appointments; and to add to that, Mulroney is coming under fire again to boot.

Could things get any better? Apparently they could, and are. This could get really ugly; hears’ hoping.

Maybe somebody should ask Bill how he feels about leading the party into an election... should one happen to come up soon.

"I want a Liberal Party that people want to vote for. Not because we’re less ‘scary’ than the alternative, but because we offer the most progressive mix of sound fiscal policies and comprehensive social programs—because we offer the best future for Canada." Martha Hall Findlay

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