Monday, February 13, 2006

Week 2

Will the Emmerson and Fortier debacles fade away like the Conservatives are hoping? Maybe, even Andrew Coyne is saying it's time to move on; in this article he does a great job of expressing why he beleives the appointments were wrong, and his dissagreement with the Tory faithful who were willing to white-wash the affair, finally closing with an 'Oh well, whatever happens' type of ending (and, of course. he gets a few pot-shots in at the Liberals, just to let everyone know where he stands).

Ah well, what were we expecting? That the conservatives would have a civil war over integrity? Not likely. Easier just to go on with the program and hope it gets better.

My guess is that the Tory caucus and followers will close ranks, try to assuage their flagging morale, and it will just be a question as to whether the public and opposition can make enough noise and keep up the pressure with regards to these appointments.

I've added an appendix to this blog where I'll be keeping track of all of the Harper government gaffs; it always helps to remember these things later on, when you can remind others. I'll try to avoid nit-picking excessively.

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