Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It's spooky to read some of the coverage and comments from the conservatives and their supporters since Harper visited Afghanistan... it's almost as if they're trying to convince Canadians that we've been sitting on the sidelines doing nothing until February 6th of this year.

To add to the sheer bizarreness of the situation, some are claiming that Harper was the first Prime Minister to visit Afghanistan, and others still will say Cretien's visit was a joke.

Almost as disturbing is the way some people are rising to their baiting, and taking a stance that could almost be construed as being against our efforts there.

The Tories shouldn't be allowed to claim the high ground on this people... Canada's leading role in the world is not a brand new gift from the Conservatives; furthermore, everyone needs to remember that when the Liberal government committed our forces to Afghanistan, it was the Conservatives calling for a debate in the house.

Stirring? Nice try.

I realize that 'Doublespeak' wasn't a good title for this post, as it's not really refelctive of the issue of the Tories and their 'straw man' battle.

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