Friday, March 31, 2006

He what?

Actually, I find this kinda funny... (from this article)

Even Harper acknowledged that he's not exactly one for small talk. In fact, he hinted that he swore during discussions with Bush.

"As some of you may know that sometimes I express myself, believe it or not, not only directly but also colourfully and not suited for public television," Harper told reporters. "We made our points very clearly on several different issues."

I'm practically laughing just imagining the fun that Air Farce, Mercer, or 22 Minutes could have with this one.

Yep, just a regular hockey dad (who happens to be PM).

Oh yeah, it also appears we're screwed as far as the border-crossing-i.d.-requirement and the softwood settlement are concerned. I'm not surprised; that must be what made Harper swear.

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