Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sue me? No thanks.

Can the Conservatives, in the role of the Federal government, really sue the Liberal Party?

I'm guessing no, but I could be wrong. My reasoning is that while a portion of the party did unfortunately benefit from the activities of the sponsorship scandal, it wasn't the whole party. It would seem to me that certain individuals, like those who have stood trial or are in the process of being tried, or companies which were directly implicated are the reasonable targets for any civil action aimed at recovering funds from the scandal.

But can the government use my tax dollars to sue the party which I have recently joined to try and confiscate any funds which I have recently donated? Can someone who wasn't a member of the party at the time of the scandal be held accountable? Should Liberal party members in ridings which had nothing to do with the scandal be made to pay back the funds? I don't think so (but I'd appreciate hearing any informed legal opinions on this matter).

I'm as disgusted by the whole sponsorship scandal as much as anyone, maybe more so; I'll be happy to see anyone who can rightfully be held accountable punished, but that anyone shouldn't include me.

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