Friday, June 09, 2006

Fait Accompli?

“There is already one carrier task force there in the Gulf, two are steaming toward it at the last report I have at least - they will all be there in another week or so. The propaganda has been laid, the aircraft carriers are in place, it doesn't take much to fly the bombers out of British and US bases - cruise missiles are at the ready, Israel is egging us on."(Former CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern... says Iran Strike Possibly Set For June Or July)

I was thinking that the two sides were nearing some sort of rapprochement, but then the "weeks, not months" business came out.

This morning, this is in the news: Iran confirms stepping up N-activities. Is this the spin? Is this the propaganda McGovern was talking about?

(Note: I've made some corrections to this post to clarify the ambiguous quotation link, and the erroneous attribution of the propaganda. I've back-dated the post to the 9th to avoid re-posting to the blog roll.)

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