Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How did Robert Fulford get his head so far up his ass?

Sometimes, I just have to spout. Today, I've been torturing myself reading some of the reactionary nonsense being spouted against multiculturalism.

Reading Fulford's piece, I got to this sentence before I snapped:

No reasonable Canadian opposes the right of immigrants to respect their homeland cultures and retain aspects of their pre-Canada lives.
But Canada has gone beyond that. Multiculturalism has become a way of putting people in narrow categories. Some groups have decided to live in ghettos of their own making, apart from the rest of us.

What? People of different cultural/affinity groups, like, forming their own small communities? No way! Like, Mennonite villages, or Chinatowns? These just appeared in Canada in the last 30 years? They didn't exist anywhere else before that? Wow. [/sarcasm]

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