Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is it just me, or is Tony Clement getting off easy?

With a significant conflict of interest involving the Minister of Health, wouldn't you expect that a bigger deal was being made of this?

The Toronto Star doesn't even mention it in his report card rating (where they give him a D).

The only mention I've caught recently was in the Opposition evaluation "The opposition's best 11," where they give credit to Ruby Dhalla for bringing this issue to the attention of Canadians (not available on-line).

Jeff Jedras gives a detailed post on the matter, which sums up nicely.

So, is he selling off his interest of not? According to this story he is but...

Mr. Clement has said he has not found a buyer for his holdings in the company and to comply with federal ethics rules he promised to avoid discussions or decisions involving the company.

Maybe he's holding out for a better price?

Shouldn't he have resigned his portfolio by now?

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