Friday, June 30, 2006

I've made up my mind

I've settled on my first choice candidate for the Liberal leadership. It wasn't really a sudden decision; rather, it was one of those things that arrived at gradually.

So who is it?

It's the candidate that I feel has the knowledge, skills and experience that are vitally necessary for the next leader of the Liberal party to possess.

This individual is regarded as having the best command of both official languages of any candidate, and they maintain impeccable integrity (to be fair, most of the candidates do, with only 2 having any issues).

They have extensive leadership experience, which is unmatched by any of the other candidates. They've led, and won. They have also experienced the down side, but there are key learnings to be garnered there, and they seem to have appreciated this.

Beyond their political acumen, they've also served Canada and internationally in non-partisan roles both publicly and privately, through mediation and consultation; this has added to the impressive breadth of issues with which they are closely familiar, which include Federalism, Security and Intelligence, and Education.

Who is it? You know.

Having said that (or not said in this case), I want to mention that while I feel that this choice is evident, it's doesn't mean that I don't appreciate any of the other candidates... quite the contrary, I think it is an excellent slate, especially when compared to what the other parties have put forward in the past. Whoever wins the leadership will have a solid team to work with moving forward.

Have a great Canada day, and enjoy your long weekend.

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