Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Two campaigns have confirmed they will be submitting responses to the questionnaire.

Meanwhile, I attended my first Burlington Federal Liberal Association policy meeting last week. It was a smaller turnout than I would have expected. Paddy Torsney was able to attend, even though she had just arrived home that afternoon from Ethiopia where she was helping with the training of parliamentarians.

I asked her about what she was doing:

They are using Canada's expertise and experience to expand public participation in their committees and to develop consensus around issues and bills. It's a new government with an overwhelming majority and demonstrating to them that opposition and government members each have roles to play for the good of all citizens was important. A point reinforced when the local citizens, frustrated by city hall, lit tires and threw rocks at the police who advanced with guns firing. It was a brief but important demonstration of what can happen when govt isn't seen as working to resolve problems citizens are experiencing.

Nice to see you've kept up the good work Paddy!

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