Friday, July 14, 2006

Did I hear correctly? Another confidence motion?

Listening to the news on the radio this morning I caught the news that Emerson and Harper are standing by the Softwood lumber treaty, and refusing to attempt any re-negotiation, period. The last part of the story I heard was that the agreement is going to be voted on by parliament in the fall, and that it will be a confidence motion. (I heard it on the radio, but it's in this National Post story)

Brinksmanship is really becoming a hallmark of Steve's style. Maybe he's finally found a way to have the opposition pull the trigger for him on that Fall election. Convenient time to use that tactic, since the Liberal party still won't have a leader.

Regarding the Softwood lumber agreement, nothing I've read or heard has been very positive, but is this agreement worth bringing down the government? Or is abstaining, while registering opposition to the use of bullying tactics for passing legislation an option?

Maybe the Liberal party will want to seriously consider an alternate time line and method for choosing the next leader; an added bonus would be that it would give the party a chance to avoid the maximum individual donation conundrum that has been created by Conservative legislation (perhaps we could look at having smaller, simultaneous regional conventions that all linked together, or Email voting?).

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