Friday, July 21, 2006

The NSA wiretap case is going forward

A buddy of mine just sent me this, from arstechnica:

Apparently the Judge in the suit filed by the EFF against AT&T for the whole NSA wiretap thing has dismissed the governments motion to have the case dismiss on the grounds of state secrets.

This quote pretty much sums up the Judges argument.

Judge Walker disagreed, saying that if the government has been truthful in its disclosures, divulging information on AT&T's role in the scandal should not cause any harm to national security. And if it hasn't been truthful? "The state secrets privilege should not serve as a shield for its false public statements," he wrote. "In short, the government has opened the door for judicial inquiry by publicly confirming and denying material information about its monitoring of communication content."

h/t to Kaz

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