Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Re-enter... the Grumpy Snail

A buddy of mine has resurrected his blog from the bizarre-white-screened-internet-purgatory which he managed to relegate it to... the Grumpy Snail is King Pengvin's own personal blog about politics (he prefers anonymity).

I just thought I would mention it, much as I tend to disagree with what he has to say (especially this recent post); still, it won't stop me from visiting it once in a while, much the same way I will go check out the Flogging Gories every once in a while when I want to remember why I'm a Liberal.

I'll recommend that he could always join their blogroll (If I want to get under his thick skin), or maybe he'd be better suited to the blogroll of the non-partisans.

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