Thursday, July 20, 2006

Second class Canadians?

So what do you think, should 'non-resident' Canadians be given the same treatment/priority as resident Canadians travelling abroad when it comes time to evacuate people?

A friend and I are having this debate. Personally, I don't think there should be a distinction. If you are Canadian, then you're Canadian.

What are they saying to the Canadians who live in Lebanon?

"You have a passport? Good. Where do you live? Oh, sorry... come back tomorrow."??

but as my friend says:

It is a matter of practicality. The Tourist has the contents of his luggage and whatever cash they can pull from their accounts to live off of for the next few weeks and hopefully a place to stay while he waits, … The Resident has family and friends to work with while they wait not to mention the all important roof over their head. They have more means at their disposal to hold out a little longer.

This doesn't wash with me. What if their family, friends etc. live in an area being shelled? What if their home is destroyed?

It's probably worth noting that the 'tourist' is likely visiting some of the residents in Lebanon, and may even be family. What then? do you split up family?

I say no. What say you?

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