Friday, July 14, 2006

Some opposition to the Brinksman

Well, a few other bloggers have already touched with the Star article where Bob Rae comes out against Steve's brinksmanship over the softwood lumber deal, and there isn't much I can add really.

I think its good that Rae is standing up to Harper, and opposing a deal that represents an awful capitulation:

“It should be a matter of confidence. It is a terrible, terrible deal and it sets an atrocious precedent for all of our trade negotiations with the U.S.”

I'm not an expert, but I'm inclined to think he knows what he's speaking about; his website lists his previous involvement with the issue:

Softwood Lumber
Bob's private sector work has involved various commercial mediation and arbitration issues, as well as participation on a number of boards of public companies. He has lectured widely on issues of company and non-profit restructuring and corporate governance.

For example, Bob joined the Board of Tembec - a large forest products company - in 1997. With the re-emergence of the softwood lumber dispute in 2001, and the deal set to expire, Bob became counsel to the Free Trade Lumber Council, an organization of companies dedicated to achieving free and fair trade between Canada and the U.S. in lumber and wood products.

In this capacity Bob met regularly with key stakeholders and governments in Canada and the U.S., and spoke and wrote frequently on trade issues.

So, he's not exactly wading into these waters for the first time, is he?

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