Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thoughts for the day

I'm noticing more and more Liberal party members threatening to walk away from the party if certain candidates (Volpe and Rae, to be specific) win the leadership; is this a common occurrence during leadership campaigns? Did this happen during the Chretien/Martin contest? 
While I can understand that people will be disappointed if their choice for leader doesn't come through, consider that there are going to be backers for 10 candidates who will be in this position... what if all of them decide it's all or nothing... their way or the highway?
The party is, or has to be greater than it's leader alone. Leaders come and go, and will have varying levels of success, but the people who make up the party are ultimately going to determine it's success and survival in the long run.
Meanwhile, my Leadership Questionnaire seems to have stalled. I had received several confirmations from candidates teams that they would send in their response, but have yet to receive them. Maybe it was a little too bold for a small-fry, average joe blogger like myself to expect the candidates to find some time for my questions? Perhaps it was. Ah well, I'll send out a reminder anyway, and we'll see what happens.
So, has the Federal Minister of Health sold off his stake in a pharmaceutical company yet? Anyone?

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