Saturday, July 29, 2006

What are they thinking?

This morning in the Star, I'm reading more about the Conservative's ham fisted attempt to draw more money from their supporters using the mid-East conflict, when I read this quote (from their fundraising letter):
"We must be ready for an election now because the opposition is blindly determined to drag the country to the polls, on any pretext they can contrive,"

What? You mean like the Conservatives deliberate under-representing themselves for the budget vote? Or making the NDP motion for Rona Ambroses resignation a 'confidence' matter? Or maybe they're referring to making the softwood lumber deal a confidence vote?

Isn't it the Conservatives who are blindly determined to drag the country to the polls?

You would think that after dropping/replacing-on-the-fly the most popular of their 5 priorities they would be more likely to want to bide their time.

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