Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CPC and Republicans: Birds of a feather

In case you haven't caught this story... it needs to get out.

The Liberals had a SWL deal lined up before the last election, which they chose not to go with.

Instead, they ended up going with a campaign that was critical of the US gov.

I wonder if it was this deal, and I wonder if they saw the possibility of funds being diverted to the White House? (and is there any chance we could find out if so?)

Update: According to From the Mind of a Netjin, a more detailed look at the wording of the document indicates that this is not a White House slush fund.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Michael Ignatieff Campaign On-line Auction

The Michael Ignatieff campaign is having an on-line auction of Liberal party memorabilia. What a great idea. It's driving me insane though, because I keep getting out-bid for the 1984 convention program. Nuts.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Interesting read

So the "measured" response may not have been so much a disproportionate response as it was a planned attack.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The dog days of summer ate my blog... great loss.

Seriously though, where has the summer gone?

I have been wanting to mention what a really good time I had getting out and meeting other bloggers at the Progressive bloggers get together in Guelph. Shoshana and her husband provided a great meal, and the company all around was excellent. Much as I enjoy reading other blogs and news on the web, it is nicer to meet the people out there on the nodes.

Speaking of blogging, I caught Warren Kinsella's bit (h/t to Cerberus). My take: Blogging is just another novel way for people to communicate using the web, so doesn't it stand to reason that it will be host to both the "demented vanity press types" along with others who will utilize this medium with the utmost deftness, and including every possible position on gradient in between? Still won't replace the newspaper as far as I'm concerned... at least not for a while.

I've been given reason to hope that Stephane Dion may submit a response to my leadership questionnaire... stay tuned (but breathe normally... I've been waiting a while).

Missed the opportunity to see Bob Rae speak at UofT about his foreign policy platform; it's that day-job thing getting in the way of my politics again. I'm told it was excellent... I'll have to settle for the hardcopy (from his site).

I did get to catch the end of the Michael Ignatieff talk in Burlington this evening; I think his supporters will be pleased with the way the elucidated his position on the crisis in Lebanon (provided the press picks it up), and his vision of Canada's role in the world. I wouldn't be able to do it justice here, but I can say I was impressed with how he made it clear that Canada doesn't have to take sides in that conflict (and was unequivocal that not taking sides does not mean supporting a terrorist organization), but rather we need to help find the peaceful solution, as further conflict doesn't do Lebanon or Israel any good.

That NationStates game I mentioned in my last post falls way short of being the kind of fascinating global political simulation I was hoping it would be, but that hasn't stopped me from trying to build Wikistan into a regional power. Pro Pelle Cutem!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Time to put our [never mind]

Uh oh, this could be too much fun:

When you get a chance, stop by the Republic of Wikistan

Update: Spoke (blogged) way too soon. An interesting premise that had some potential at some point, but has been overrun and rendered absurd.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


No, not political power... the other stuff, electrical, which has my buddy Pengvin up in arms over the Ontario government. It seems he heard a commercial on the radio that cheesed him off, so he decided to go on a rant about his perception that the Ontario government lacks an energy policy.

So, is there one? I'd thought I'd check myself; hey look, here it is.

One of the things that the McGuinty Liberals have got to do a better job of is making sure that the public finds out about these kinds of advances.

Bourque eh?

The Bourque newswatch has linked to Shoshana's post of the cost benefit analysis of the Liberal leadership race contenders. Considering the B.N. has always seemed to lean to the Conservative side, I find that a little concerning and/or an indication that maybe Shoshana is peddling a product that they enjoy.

Of course I think she's off on her analysis with regards to Bob Rae.

...stands to lose big. Once you are Premier and get thumped, then
run for Leader of a federal party and get thumped, you only damage your
reputation further. He's better as a statesman, diplomat, negotiator and
moderator and was gaining an international reputation as such. He'll just look
like a loser after this.

What? Did she actually say he's better as a statesman, diplomat and negotiator and moderator, so he should quit the leadership race so he doesn't look like a loser? (!?!)

People like Bob Rae, with their commitment to public service tend not to worry about what people think about them; once you step into the political ring, it's guaranteed that someone thinks you're a loser. If he was concerned about his reputation, he wouldn't have come this far.

It's because of Bob Rae's eminent qualities, skills and experience that I think he's the best choice for leadership of the Liberal party

He doesn't want to sit if he loses
Again, I think Shoshana is wrong on this one. The clincher for me was hearing Bob Rae being interviewed on the Andy Barry show one morning; he said that he was joining the party and entering the leadership race to help with the renewal of the Liberal party, and that he would run and sit in the house even if he didn't win the leadership.

Update: James Bowie has an excellent post on this topic.