Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bourque eh?

The Bourque newswatch has linked to Shoshana's post of the cost benefit analysis of the Liberal leadership race contenders. Considering the B.N. has always seemed to lean to the Conservative side, I find that a little concerning and/or an indication that maybe Shoshana is peddling a product that they enjoy.

Of course I think she's off on her analysis with regards to Bob Rae.

...stands to lose big. Once you are Premier and get thumped, then
run for Leader of a federal party and get thumped, you only damage your
reputation further. He's better as a statesman, diplomat, negotiator and
moderator and was gaining an international reputation as such. He'll just look
like a loser after this.

What? Did she actually say he's better as a statesman, diplomat and negotiator and moderator, so he should quit the leadership race so he doesn't look like a loser? (!?!)

People like Bob Rae, with their commitment to public service tend not to worry about what people think about them; once you step into the political ring, it's guaranteed that someone thinks you're a loser. If he was concerned about his reputation, he wouldn't have come this far.

It's because of Bob Rae's eminent qualities, skills and experience that I think he's the best choice for leadership of the Liberal party

He doesn't want to sit if he loses
Again, I think Shoshana is wrong on this one. The clincher for me was hearing Bob Rae being interviewed on the Andy Barry show one morning; he said that he was joining the party and entering the leadership race to help with the renewal of the Liberal party, and that he would run and sit in the house even if he didn't win the leadership.

Update: James Bowie has an excellent post on this topic.

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