Thursday, September 21, 2006

Canadians for Kelowna...?

I was over at the Steel City Grit's site, and after giving my 2 cents on the brouhaha over Bob Rae's past political contributions, I noticed the link to the Canadians for Kelowna site. I'd seen it before, I think on a few other sites, but hadn't visited yet so I decided to have a look.

The site isn't faring to well... looks like it needs an html edit; the link for the petition is floating in one of the final paragraphs.

When I signed the petition, I was dismayed by being only the 6th signature... is that correct? I'm thinking it can't be, or at least I hope it isn't.
(I'm hoping that it's rather a case of the petition being restarted after achieving maximum size).

I've added the button on my sidebar.

Do you think we can muster up any more support for this?

btw... In case you're interested in Bob Rae's view on this worthy topic.

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