Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Drawbacks to the big tent...

...more room to squabble.

I'm not surprised by the nonsense and wingnuts coming out of the wood work now that the end of the leadership campaign is in sight.

So Bob Rae made some political donations to some former NDP colleagues; he also made a donation to Liberal John Godfrey (as noted here by Red Tory). And as Werner Patels has pointed out, Bob Rae was non-aligned at the time, and allowed to support whoever he wanted. Considering that some of that support also went to a Liberal, there really isn't much to bitch about... but that isn't stopping some people.

Yeah, I worked in the last election too. I went door-to-door, I manned phones, I gave time; you know what? I still support Bob Rae. Maybe more so.

The fact that he straddles that divide on the left is only a good thing, IMHO.

But then again, the leadership campaign isn't over, so those who feel their candidate of choice is lagging behind or threatened have no choice but to keep up the good fight, and I don't blame them for that.

I just can't wait until this leadership thing is over so we can all go back to attacking Tories.

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