Friday, September 29, 2006

Super weekend

It's here at last, and not a moment too soon; another couple of weeks and things might have gotten nasty.

Speaking of which, I was surprised at what I read in the National Post piece on Michael Ignatieff. I caught this yesterday (care of Bourque), but left a quick comment over at Cerberus' post of the article today before I rushed out the door from work. What surprised me was not his candid remarks to the effect that he was confident he was going to win, but rather the positive, nay... glowing remarks that he had for another candidate:

"I'm going to win this [leadership] race and Bob Rae is going to be a very, very important part of a future Liberal government because Bob Rae is a very able man," he [Michael Ignatieff] said in an interview at the Chateau Laurier Hotel yesterday.

Quite the strikingly confident moment of candor, especially so close to super-weekend; being able to actually highlight the abilities of one of your closest rivals is a bold move. To be clear, I'm not being sarcastic, or trying to imply that he was being insincere. I do think this may have been a calculated move.

My guess is that it could have been to plant the seed that should Rae's campaign lose confidence in their ability to reach the goal in the future, then they would be a welcome part of Ignatieff's team. This might also serve to stake out that possibility before other candidates get around to doing the same.

Timed nicely with a "leaked memo?" ;-)

Have a Super weekend.

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