Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I couln't help but wonder what was the thinking behind the "New Government of Canada's" decision to cancel the Court Challenges Program. Is it really going to save that much money?

Then later, I was checking out the headlines at the Canadian Blog Exchange, and then this one caught my eye, and I noticed that it is just one of a few.

Looking at the piece I first noticed, you can see why the program is going:

I am glad this abuse of the taxpayers money has finally ended. The Court Challenges Program has been used to restructure society resulting in the redefinition of marriage. The public has been deprived of having any input into these changes though we footed the bill.

In short, it's vindictiveness. The CPC and their neo-tory ilk can't seem to find the will and the means to crush the rights of some Canadians, so instead, they'll make it as hard as possible for other people/groups to fight for theirs.

They go on:

The elimination of the Court Challenges Program will go a long way to promoting democracy in Canada.

Like, how exactly? What drivel. They finish off with a suggestion to email PM Steve, Jim Flaherty and John Baird to give them thanks for all their hard work.

Oh, I'm going to email them all right, but not to say "thanks."

Update: Go here for information of the last ditch effort to try and save the program... if it's not too late.

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