Monday, October 16, 2006

A few thoughts on the debate

My brief opinions on yesterday's leadership debate, in no particular order:

I was really impressed with Martha Hall Findlay; I noticed that she, along with Brison and Volpe, seemed pretty relaxed; likely because they were under the least pressure. Still, I think Martha's performance has increased her chances of being elected, and should the Liberal party form the next government, she should have a place in cabinet.

There may have been several leadership hopefuls, but there was one future Minister of Finance, and that was Scott Brison. No offence intended towards his efforts at running for the leadership, but barring a miracle surge in support its safe to say that he's demonstrated more than enough leadership ability to take the MOF role if and when the Liberals form the next government.

I even found myself thinking that Volpe might be able to rehabilitate his image, which has ironically only been tarnished by this leadership campaign.

I liked Kennedy; especially his nod to the party renewal which is going on right now (?) and should have been a greater part of the discussion. I might have to watch the debate again, but was he the only candidate not to mention/draw on the strength of having been a cabmin?

Bob's my guy, but he had a rough go yesterday. I think he came out a little forceful in the infrastructure debate... like he was under some pressure to land a blow, or make an impression (which he would later get to do in his tussle with Ignatieff). I liked his closing remarks (and not because I'm a Leafs fan).

Ignatieff held his own for the most part, and I liked his closing. I thought he managed to steal Dion's thunder on the environmental debate. I'd be interested to hear the opinion of an un-biased observer with regards to the dust-up that Bob and Michael had on foreign policy; I think Ignatieff is still smarting there, but then again, I'm biased.

Dion was very impassioned, and I thought at one point that his emotions might get the better of him. Ignatieff tagged him on the environment with the "but we didn't get it done" line, and Dion's comeback "Do you think it's easy to make priorities?" made me wince.

Dryden was pretty good, although I made a note during the Gun control debate that some of his remarks on "psychological insecurity" were a little too intricate for prime time. Good closing anecdote, but the reliance on cue cards wasn't.

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