Sunday, December 03, 2006

D-day +1

It’s encouraging to hear the latest buzz that both Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff are both going to be sticking with the team. I know Bob has said he would fight on with the party on a couple occasions, but I expected him to reiterate that intention again last night.

I was impressed with Dion’s acceptance speech; very classy. It appears that he is going to be a team builder, and that bodes well for the renewal of the Liberal party.

Speaking of renewal… now that the leadership race is over, renewal needs to become a main focus for the party, along with opposition of the Tories. Both should be prominent, and visible to all Canadians. When the next election does occur, there should be no doubt in the minds of the general public (or at very least the press) that the party has undergone the kind of soul-searching and transformation that that they expect; because if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

I think one of the keys for this will be clearly demonstrating in a very substantive way that the Liberal party will do what is required to guard against the kind of abuses that have occurred in the past, and that helped land us in opposition.

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