Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hail to the Chief

Well, it's almost safe to say at this point it's going to be Stephane Dion, as it looks like much of the support that had moved to the Rae camp has now shifted to Dion; however, I am writing this before the counting is complete and the results of the fourth ballot are in.

I'm a little disappointed that Bob didn't make it to the top spot, but it was a long shot for him out of the gate, and I think he was fortunate to have fared as well as he did.

More surprising to me is that he didn't throw his support behind one of the two remaining candidates, but I guess it is a move that shows some respect for the delegates he had at that point, not to mention the two remaining candidates.

Another disappointment was that Mr. Rae didn't give an unequivocal statement with regards to his staying on with the party to fight Steve Harper in the next election, but again, there must be a number of things to consider: Does the new leadership see a place for him within the party? Where would he choose to run... Would he have to move to find a riding that should be contested? Would there be a riding association that would accept him?.

His experience would be a valuable asset to the party, and so I hope there is a role for him.

Kudos to Gerard Kennedy for making a choice that surely had to be based on conviction, rather than self interest with Dion in place as the new leader, I'm guessing that the opportunity for him to run again might not come for a while, and perhaps even risks that his moment may have passed. However, given time to improve his command of the French language and his profile within Quebec, Gerard would would almost be a lock for the leadership if the next time around is sooner rather than later.

Personally, I'll be glad to see the end of this process. As dramatic and entertaining as it has been, it will be good for the party to come together again.

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