Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey, Whatcha get?

Favorite gift* of the year for me was a copy of An Inconvenient Truth the book, which is basically a tactile version of the movie. I'd seen the movie on the flight home from Australia and during the spare moments before company arrived and after they left, I read through it cover to cover.

Hey, do you think someone might have given Rona a copy for Christmas? Scratch that thought... it should probably be given to our grand decider, Steve. I wonder if he's seen the movie? No, I guess he wouldn't be referring to "so called" greenhouse gases if he had.

Anyway, the goal for the coming year is to reduce my families "carbon footprint" and give some volunteer time to the environmental movement.

Oddest gift: This thing, from my four year old daughter. I don't know what it is (any ideas?), but I'll keep it forever.

Hope everyone had a great holiday.

*Favorite gift I gave this year has yet to be received so I can't mention it, lest I ruin the surprise.

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