Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So what!?

So what if Stephane Dion has dual nationality? Don't all Canadians have the right to hold dual nationality if they are in a position to do so? Why should a politician have any less rights than an average citizen?

Don't give me the "conflict of interest" line. I think if someone is a high ranking representative for Canada (MP, Prime Minister or Governor General), then there is more than enough attention being paid to any decisions or statements that they make, and we'll catch any that don't represent our national interests.

I can hear the Conservative supports wail already: "What if Stephen Harper had dual US/Canadian citizenship? Would you accept that?" The answer being the same; I personally don't think that our MP's or leaders should not have any less rights than the rest of us. The irony with this case being that Harper, even while not being a dual citizen of the US, still manages to display marked predilection towards our friends to the South.

So what difference does the dual nationality really make? If you are seriously suggesting that someone might be inclined to make decisions that favour another nation that they have an affinity for, then doesn't it stand to reason that they could do that anyway, dual citizenship or not? (*cough*Harper*cough*)

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