Wednesday, January 10, 2007

By-election time!

I was recently feeling a little nostalgic for election campaigning, no really, so this is welcome news for me.

The Provincial By-election in Burlington will be the third one I've volunteered for. Joan Lougheed is running for the Liberals; as stated in a previous post, she was first elected to Burlington City council in 1991, and has served the community for 15 years. As well as being an active member of the Museum, Board, Tourism Burlington, the Burlington Downtown BIA, and the Burlington Arts Centre, she is also a founding member of the Voices and Visions Women's Conference, and is a committed volunteer to the CNIB, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and a supporter of the Halton Society for Parkinsons.

The last two elections saw Burlington Liberals make significant gains on the ensconced PC's, but unfortunately still falling short of the victory by a couple thousand votes.

It will be interesting to see the results this time around, as the last Provincial general election saw a significant desire for change manifesting itself, helping the Liberals go from what was pretty much a 2-1 stomping in 1999, to a closely contested race in 2003.

One sticking point working against team McGuinty is the unpopular 'Fair Share for Health Care Levy', which will no doubt figure prominently in the Conservative's attacks, being cast as a tax grab. On this point, we're going to have to remind voters of some of the healthcare benefits that we've gained, especially with regards to building hospitals, rather than closing them.

My thoughts are that strategies for the Liberals will largely have to focus on reminding Ontario voters of the Harris era, and highlighting the improvements made since then, like the fact that Ontario teachers are no longer being targeted and vilified by the government, as when the Harris government enacted Bill 160.

Tally ho!

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