Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh, stick a fork in us now...

Update... ok, knee jerk reaction... I've cooled down...

We're done.

Unless of course, if someone can make a really good case for why these guys are being let back in, or why it should be considered. I have to admit that I'm sketchy on the details, so there may be extenuating circumstances; even so, the optics on this are going to be awful.

My guess is that right now, CPC leadership is apoplectic with glee, wondering how quickly they can engineer a vote of non-confidence against themselves.

Seriously, was anybody thinking when this first came up on the radar?

What timing too, eh? Things were starting to look pretty good, or so I thought. Steve & Co. were edging themselves into an ever tighter position, and things could only get worse for them.

Oh well, to steal somebody elses catchphrase, what do I know? I'm just one of the Liberal canaries in the coalmine, who thought a good strategy would be to come out with a high profile way of demonstrating real renewal, and that something like adscam could never be allowed again. My suggestion had been a code of conduct, which every party member should adhere to. This little incident might not point to an ongoing problem, but it sure could be spun that way.

Hey, is that gas I smell?

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