Friday, March 30, 2007

What the f... this is unprecedented.

I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time ever that a governing party in Canada has released two sets of attack ads against the official opposition party... unbelievable!

Stephen Harper insists that the CPC doesn't want an election, but they continue to attack the opposition... not all the opposition mind you, just the Liberal party. Can they offer a cogent explanation as to why?

Not likely.

The truth is that Stephen Harper and the party of malcontents, the CPC, only know how to attack. They never really became the governing party. They're still the opposition, in borrowed robes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Election Call contest

Enough jibba- jabba.

Give me the date when it will be called.

One entry per person. If more than one person chooses the same date and it's the day, then they'll be put into a random draw; there can be only one.

The prize? Bragging rights, plus one piece of political memorabilia which I'll try to match to the party of your choice (except for Greens... I have no Green stuff).*

Deadline? Oh, let's say this Friday.

*Strangely enough, I even have something for the Marxist-Leninist our there... not that I've ever supported that party... I never have... never ever... ok?

Congratulations Bob

Small detail...

I was watching the election coverage last night, wondering about all the speculation that this could be just the kind of result that might encourage Harper to call an election.

During Dumont's speech, the camera panned over one of those election-zelots in attendance at his HQ who adorn themselves with way too much paraphinalia, and noticing that she was wearing a button on her hat that read "Harper 2007."

They've already got buttons?

I guess this shouldn't come as a total surprise. I would imagine some forward thinking campaign managers on our side have already placed the orders for campaign materials.

I think the message has to get out that when Harper says he doesn't want an election he's being disingenuous, to say the least.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Monday

It's lunchtime and I'm eating my wife's leftover cooking from Saturday night (still delicious), and I'm thinking things about stuff.

This is already getting to be old news, but are the RCMP going to do anything about this? I'm just wondering is all. Hey, if they're waiting for an election to be called and get underway before they hold a press conference to announce their investigation, then that's just fine by me.

Any chance that the Liberal party is going to come out against deep integration? Is this our wedge issue?

How does it sit with Conservative Albertans (not including bloggers) that Stephen Harper gave away the farm to Quebec in the budget? I'll still haven't heard the kind of uproar I was expecting... are they willing to look the other way on this? I'd have expected to see a poll by now (did I miss it?).

Personally, I think we need to have some sort of i.d. check at polling stations. Yes we've got a great system, but it is so vulnerable to abuse. I've scrutineered enough to have seen that. While I agree that this could be the opening for governments to try and disenfranchise the marginalized voters, but truth is that any government that wants to try to do so in Canada would face a tough slog.

Perhaps we should be just making sure that all citizens have adequate id? Either that, or we have a system that can keep track of who says they voted after the fact, and cross reference with other government databases that keep track of the population. I don't think this is out of line considering the technology at our disposal.

Good point Bob.

Hey, "Take off, eh?" is now 100% Bourque free. Enjoy.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hmmm... maybe we should be making more noise about this...

Why hasn't Canada's New Fangled Government called an inquiry into this? Maybe one of their advisors has suggested that it's not a good idea.

We all know what happens when you call an inquiry into a scandal that your party was involved in.

Update: Hmmm... curiouser and curiouser. h/t to One Ontario Liberal

Friday, March 09, 2007

Someone has issues...

Anyone else getting email from this person who seems to have a problem with Bob Rae?

They're claiming that Bob is still running a campaign for the leadership of the party, and spinning any media reports of Bob as attempts to undermine Stephane Dion. The email contains some spurious evidence, mysterious quotes from "unnamed staffers" and other loose threads they attempt to weave into a conspiracy (eg. Bob is somehow behind Ontario AG Michael Bryant's memo on justice policies)

I received junk like this (from the same person?) during the leadership campaign, and didn't give it a thought; it was just another tactic on the part of some over-zealous supporter for another candidate.

But now, I'm wondering what's going on... who would benefit from trying to sow dissent within the Liberal party? As far as I can tell, the campaigns have all put down their gloves.

Is this the work of an outsider, some agent provocateur?

Whoever it is, they lifted an image from my blog, so now they're in my sights. I've asked them to reveal their identity, but I'm guessing they won't. I think I'll try to see if I can dig it up.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Return of the SWC funding?

Yeah, we all know how Canada's New Fangled Government has this practise where they make cuts to some program and then wait a while, and then re-announce the funding, or even bring back the program just re-branded.

I hadn't heard about this latest example until this post caught my eye. Is anyone keeping count of the number of times this has happened? How many more times can they do this and keep a straight face?

At any rate, the funding appears to have been put back, perhaps even increased? Is there a hitch?

Update: This Toronto Star article outlines some of the differences.

The government has also changed the criteria for what projects receive funding. Advocacy and research projects will no longer be eligible for grants, in favour of groups providing direct services to women. And perhaps most controversially, the word equality has been removed from literature related to the agency.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Children are innocent

We can all pretty much agree on that at least, right?

So could Canada's Snazzy New Fangled Government get it together and help this kid already?