Thursday, March 08, 2007

Return of the SWC funding?

Yeah, we all know how Canada's New Fangled Government has this practise where they make cuts to some program and then wait a while, and then re-announce the funding, or even bring back the program just re-branded.

I hadn't heard about this latest example until this post caught my eye. Is anyone keeping count of the number of times this has happened? How many more times can they do this and keep a straight face?

At any rate, the funding appears to have been put back, perhaps even increased? Is there a hitch?

Update: This Toronto Star article outlines some of the differences.

The government has also changed the criteria for what projects receive funding. Advocacy and research projects will no longer be eligible for grants, in favour of groups providing direct services to women. And perhaps most controversially, the word equality has been removed from literature related to the agency.

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