Friday, March 09, 2007

Someone has issues...

Anyone else getting email from this person who seems to have a problem with Bob Rae?

They're claiming that Bob is still running a campaign for the leadership of the party, and spinning any media reports of Bob as attempts to undermine Stephane Dion. The email contains some spurious evidence, mysterious quotes from "unnamed staffers" and other loose threads they attempt to weave into a conspiracy (eg. Bob is somehow behind Ontario AG Michael Bryant's memo on justice policies)

I received junk like this (from the same person?) during the leadership campaign, and didn't give it a thought; it was just another tactic on the part of some over-zealous supporter for another candidate.

But now, I'm wondering what's going on... who would benefit from trying to sow dissent within the Liberal party? As far as I can tell, the campaigns have all put down their gloves.

Is this the work of an outsider, some agent provocateur?

Whoever it is, they lifted an image from my blog, so now they're in my sights. I've asked them to reveal their identity, but I'm guessing they won't. I think I'll try to see if I can dig it up.

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