Wednesday, October 17, 2007


That's the sound of the air leaking from the over inflated hopes of Conservatives who were hoping for an election.

With the absence of anything really contentious in the throne speech, it appears that the official opposition is going to be playing it safe; a strategy that to me appeared weak a fortnight ago is looking like an adept choice today.

Oh, that isn't a view held by too many right now, at least not based on some of the comments I've seen, but they're likely just an indication of the frustration noted above.

I have to admit, I was waiting to see what would be included in the Throne speech that could make an election a foregone conclusion. Afghanistan might have been a trigger, but with John Manley heading the panel to examine Canada's future role, the impetus to act on that issue isn't really there.

It will be interesting to see if 'Canada's broken in government' will redouble their rhetoric, or if they'll take a more abstemious approach.

It is interesting to note that when in opposition, the CPC did everything they could to trigger elections, including calling non-confidence motions where none really existed.

Now they're in government, they're itching again for another election, and yet again with making everything a confidence motion. It's like the new party motto is "I Dare you to knock this writ off my shoulder."


Yeah, there's going to be some flack over the safe approach, but I'm guessing not from the average Canadian. When they're forced back to the polls again, there should be a really good reason.

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