Friday, November 09, 2007


I've received one of the intermittent mailout requests for a donation to the Federal Liberal party. Another reminder that the party doesn't run on volunteer work and good intentions alone. Time to dig deep.

I have to admit that my automatic reaction to funding requests through the mail, from anyone, is initially peevish.

Of course I agree with the message that being sent out, and I don't disagree with the party's efforts to raise funds from the membership.

Maybe in this case it's the format of the "Teledispatch" I received, letting me know this is a "High Priority Communication." My overly cynical reaction is that of doubting that anyone really wants to send me a high-priority message.

But the truth is that lack of funding is a serious issue for the party, and one that's needs to be solved if it's going to be able to mount a serious campaign against the CPC, whose coffers are reputed to be bursting at the seems, so much so that they can run seemingly continuous attack ads against the Official Opposition.

I know that mailouts have a success rate that guarantees they will have to be used, but there is going to need to be something else beyond that, and their should be a caution against mailouts; people hate junk mail (and mail asking for money usually gets classified as such). A sibling of mine confessed to me that after giving a positive response to their local CPC candidate a few years ago, they started receiving successive mail requests for donations, and were subsequently seriously put-off voting for the party.

Do I have any concrete suggestions? Maybe one, which might be a good strategy to run as a promotion for limited period of time, say 4 months or so; make anyone who meets their annual contribution maximum of $1100 per year a member of the Laurier Club. This to me seems to restore the club back to the purpose that was originally intended for it:

“It has been decided to ask some five or six hundred of our most reliable friends of independent means throughout Canada to subscribe $100 a year from now until the next general elections are held, for the purpose of conducting our campaign of educations in connection with the Central Liberal Information Office.”

-Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Ok, then the club might have to sell tickets to the Annual Summer Reception, but only because of the limited space.

It's just a suggestion, but it could help bring in some new membership and encourage current members to give that little extra in order to enjoy a few benefits, to feel like a real member of the party.

Another idea I've brought up before is giving away some swag for donations, or selling it... whatever you have to do to stay above board. People like getting stuff for their money (anything beyond the satisfaction of supporting a worthwhile cause is a bonus). I wonder how much these guys get for selling theirs?

At any rate, it could also be another way of making sure the troops are decked out for the next election.

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