Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still attacking? What gives?

So why does the current not-so-new, now-broken-in government find it necessary to launch more attack ads at the official opposition?

I thought it was unprecendented when they did this the last time, now it's just getting ridiculuous... or desperate. It's like they still can't get out of opposition mode themselves.

Garth Turner says it's because the CPC were expecting to be in an election at this point... it's possible. They did such a good job of baiting before the throne speech that everyone did seem to think that an election was on the way.
But they also have shown that they think anytime is a good time for attacking.
I can't help but wonder if the less politically inclined Canadians out there, the targets for the ads, ever wonder why it is that the CPC is still attacking the Liberal party. If not, maybe we should find a way to bring this to their attention.

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