Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dion's first year

Susan Delacourt has an interesting piece in the Toronto Star today on Dion's first year as leader of the Liberal party, although I disagree with the perspective.

This has most certainly been a year of key learnings for Mr. Dion, or at least it should have been. It will be the next year that will show how much he has been able to pick up since his feet hit the ground.

Anyone who expected that by winning the leadership of the Liberal party he would automatically come out of the gate with all the right moves and answers is probably a touch naive.

Look at the leader of any party, and they've certainly had some period of adjustment where they've picked up what they needed to know be capable in the position.

Is he learning? We would hope so (maybe the key take away here was that sometimes the government should actually listen to those bureaucrats... they are there for a reason).

From the sounds of it in , Stephane Dion is thinking along these lines:

Dion acknowledged that Opposition leaders are rarely popular, and said he knows his battle to become prime minister won't be an easy one.

"The ones who succeed -- and I intend to be one of them -- have never had a free lunch, never."

He pointed out that Harper was the least popular choice among Canadians as PM before he won in 2006.

"If you think it will be easy, you will be discouraged. I knew it would not be easy. But I know that the ones who succeeded, it's because they had the conviction and they were focusing on the final result and it's what I will do, it's what I'm doing."

Probably one of the toughest things Stephane will have to do is deal with the mountain of advice that is thrust at him; it will certainly take conviction and focus to be able to pick through what can be used and what can be ignored.

As long as Mr. Dion knows that it won't be easy and is willing to learn, then I think he'll be well positioned for the future.

Afterthough: I should mention that I still maintain there are some people who Dion should be seeking advice from.

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