Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy family day

We're certainly enjoying ours. If it stays this warm we'll get our boots on and go for a walk.

Hard to beleive there's actually flack to be had for creating another civic holiday.

It is unfortunate that as many as 40% of Ontarians won't get to enjoy having the day off, but they should be getting some sort of compensation, shouldn't they? Hopefully.

Afterthought: Does the 40% stem from the fact this is a civic holiday? What are the number of Ontarians that don't get the August civic holiday off? I'd imagine it's about the same, if not more.

It's a little rich to blame the Provincial government for not being able to create a Stat. holiday.

Caught John Tory on City TV calling the holiday "irresponsible," thus demonstrating again why he's not a sitting member, and the leader of the opposition (for now).

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